Chevy Unveils VOLT … 1st truly electric car (supported by the industry)

First on the market with a mass production electric car Chevy finally unveiled the VOLT.
Here are some of the specs
Model:Chevrolet Volt Concept
Body style / driveline: 4-5-passenger sedan, unitized frame, electric propulsion, front wheel drive
Construction: body-frame-integral structure with composite exterior panels and roof
EPA vehicle class: compact car (four doors with rear liftgate)
6.5 Hour Charge = 40 Miles

“As the battery begins to run down as the car is in use, a small gasoline engine will turn on and generate enough electricity to drive the car about 300 miles”

The Volt should cost less than 2 cents per mile to drive on electricity.
What makes this a true electric car and not a Hybrid is the engine never directly powers the car’s drive train. It is only used to recharge the batteries that power the car’s drive.
Kudo’s to Chevy.. from this old Ford Guy
More Info…

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