“Your Auto Warranty is about to Expire!” Today’s Scammers

So over the past 4-5 months I have been getting very strange calls. I have gotten these calls on all of my mobile or landlines.

They usually all start the same way.
“This is an Automated message informing you that your auto warranty is about to expire. Please stay on the line to renew”

The first few times I disregarded this message as maybe some type of mixup. I mean all of the vehicles I own are older than 20yrs so I would not expect any type of Auto Warranty at this point. But the calls continued. Finally after about the 4-5th call I realized this was a scam. Not only are they contacting me on my personal numbers but they are reaching me on my business mobile, of which only select people have the number?
It does seem I am not alone in getting hit with this scam. But unlike other people have mentioned I am getting these calls from legit numbers which appear to be within the USA (Denver, Los Angeles, Georgia). I am not sure if the Boilerrooms these calls are coming from are US based or just being routed thru some VoIP server from another country.

Another interesting occurrence recently was a call my Wife received. It was someone claiming to be from one of our credit card companies. Being my wife and living thru the security lectures that are my passion she asked for a company name, address, and call back number before providing any more info. The caller quickly hung up.

With the current state of the World economy and the ease of use of VoIP tools. I think the rise in phone based phishing scams is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you feel you are being harassed by these scammers there are a few things to look for and even some things you can do to report this and even fight back.

Personally I want them to call back and this time I want to talk to a live personl..
I have my airhorn sitting on my desk ready to rips some eardrums!
Will that stop the calls? Probably not but at least when their ears are ringing they will remember me 😉

One response to ““Your Auto Warranty is about to Expire!” Today’s Scammers”

  1. UPDATE:
    So the very next day after posting this article it happened again!
    I tried to speak to a live person but only had 3 minutes free prior to a meeting with a hardware vendor so I could not wait around to talk to anyone. But I was able to collect these details.

    Caller ID Info:
    Virgil M Fear
    2236 Franklin Cir
    Little River, SC 29566-9119
    (843) 281-8793
    Type: Land Line
    Provider: Verizon
    Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC
    Due to number portability, some numbers have been transferred to a new service provider.
    Age: 65+

    Of course I tried to call back and only heard a busy tone.
    Could this be some type of hijacking of someone elses valid phone or VoIP lines/devices?

    Curious minds now really want to know!

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