Riding out a real data center disaster

After a hard fought Monday in the data center trenches it is sometimes too easy to forget how simple our problems can be. When compared to a true disaster of not just IT infrastructure but basic human needs infrastructure. I remember reading about some of the staff responsible for trying to keep business moving during one of the worst US disasters in recent times. Some call it “Katrina” while the ones who lived thru it still call it hell.

“We’re on the 10th and 11th floor of a corporate high rise on Poydras Ave., right near St. Charles. We have generators and tons of food and water. It is five of us total. I am not sure how the Internet connection will be affected. I have a camera and my gun. Sustained winds are 175, gusts to 215. The real danger is not the wind, it’s the storm surge the wind will be pushing into the city from the Gulf through the lake. The city might never recover. Honestly, this thing could be biblical”

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One response to “Riding out a real data center disaster”

  1. Another point in the article that I also enjoy is the fact that it was an ex-Special Forces guy who helped secure and protect the data center and the company data.. Making all of us old SpecOps guys proud!

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