Sorry Sir, but I am going to have to see your console

The guys over at made note of an interesting fight brewing up between a Boston College student backed by the EFF & a Legal firm vs. The Newton Courts, of Mass.

Fairly easy to note the ignorance of their technical staff with the following statement:

“Uses two different Operating systems to hide his illegal activity… and the other a black screen with a white console which he uses prompt commands on”

It may be safe to say their Criminal “Technical” investigations team are all fresh DeVry grads? If they would just pick up any used IT books from they may learn that pretty much every operating system used today allows some type of console (and this is usually black w/white text).
So this statement is basically stating using ANY operating system makes you a possible criminal who should have their computer system investigated?
So I have to ask do firewall’s and router’s fall under this umbrella theory as well? How about my managed switches?
Do I risk someone coming in and striping my network infrastructure in the interest of national security?
Since who knows I may be using my consoles to perform illegal activity like update wireless hardware to an unsupported customized firmware :GASP:

I suspect their next statement would be something along the lines of:

“The system had a web browser which allowed them to plan illegal activities so their criminal intent was obvious”

Sorry Guys Try Again!

Read More Here …

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