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Those cool guys at Hack-A-Day have a fun article on how to hack your old atari system to make it S-Video compatible thus making it actually usable without that old TV slider switch. I think this will be a good reference to perform a similar hack on my ancient Tandy PC that I really want to see boot up again. Wonder what I can get to run on this old Tandy to make it useful again, and where did I put all those old Floppy disks and program cartridges?

Read More on the S-Video hack here

Party like a DRM Star?

Posted: 2008/12/01 in Gaming Hacks

It seems Rock Star games has decided to use SecuROM for the PC version of GTA IV. The one good note is at least they are not limiting the number of installs. They are just trying to protect the EXE and require the game media to play.

Playstation 3 Hacks

Posted: 2008/10/15 in Gaming Hacks

Here is some PS3 hacks tested and approved by
A good ballpark for what you can expect is a 30% improvement in start times, but the range we saw is anywhere from around 25% faster to 40% faster.

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