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It was in 2006 that the language known as RUBY was fully accepted as a standard language. The self described “open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity” is one of the more powerful languages in use today. The folks over at Matasano Security (not affiliated with “matz” Y.Matsumoto the creator of RUBY) have announced the release of ‘rbkb’ or The Ruby Black Bag.

‘rbkb’ is an ever growing collection of reversing and pen-testing related ruby libraries and tools I’ve been using and evolving for a long time now.

Head on over to their site to read more.

Those cool guys at Hack-A-Day have a fun article on how to hack your old atari system to make it S-Video compatible thus making it actually usable without that old TV slider switch. I think this will be a good reference to perform a similar hack on my ancient Tandy PC that I really want to see boot up again. Wonder what I can get to run on this old Tandy to make it useful again, and where did I put all those old Floppy disks and program cartridges?

Read More on the S-Video hack here

Unified threat management (UTM) is a promising approach to consolidating security controls, including firewalls, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, content filtering, and reporting.

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A newer trend in the field of “Hacking” is the use of “Hacker Spaces”. Picture a community lab with various hardware/software for you to refine your skills in a controlled and safe environment. While this may not be a way to gain true real-world experience. It does help nuture your skill from a casual or novice hacker to someone who can say “I can do that!”.

Read more about Hacker Spaces

Think your ready for the big time now? Then head on over to the Defcon Capture the Flag competition in July/Aug.. I will see you there!

iPhone Jailbreak 5 Step

Posted: 2008/10/16 in How To's

Step 1: download 2.1 Firmware from the internet (
Step 2: download quickpwn GUI app and install (
Step 3: backup your iphone (if you haven’t already)
Step 4: launch quickpwn, point to the oem firmware you downloaded in step 1 and off it goes
Step 5: follow onscreen instructions
(combination’s of holding power button and stuff)’s that simple.. Special Thanks to TrusT for this!

While ATM Skimming is nothing new it really is interesting to look at the current situation with this technology and the way its being abused. ZDNet had a good write up revisiting the process in today’s world.

Starting from $8,500 and capable of sending 1,856 SMS messages — processed credit card details — without any charging the introduction of built-in SMS notification, and the ability to “call the ATM skimmer” in order to retrieve the information, is a major milestone for an ATM skimming device.

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