Dark no more…

October 4th is the expected date when the Market goes Dark for good..
While I may not always agree with the way information can be used, I am still and will remain an advocate for “free information”. That is why I feel it is blog worthy to point out this recent site closure.
The website DarkMarket has decided to close it’s Forums (ok so the site’s not totally ‘closed’ but it’s without guts now).
It seems due to an increased presence and crack down by Law Enforcement the site’s operator is calling it quits..
“[R]ecent events have proven that even in our best efforts to expel and deactivate the accounts of suspected LE [law enforcement], reporters, and security agents, it is obvious that we haven’t been entirely successful,” Splyntr wrote in a message on the site.
But just like how Darkmarket rose from the ashes of Shadowcrew some years back..
Tomorrow I am sure will see a new home for this information and those craving to access it.
Again I don’t agree with the malicious intent with which this information can be used. But I do fully support the freedom to share information and knowledge among all beings willing to learn..

More Info…

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