So is it just me or does it seem Google is talking out of both sides of their mouth these days? As Google they say “We will never give in to Government” as they deny access to user search information, stats, etc.. But dressed up as YouTube they are bending faster than a noodle in boiling water..

Last week, Google gave in to Senator Lieberman, agreeing to ban videos from terrorists, and the latest is giving in to pressure from the UK government to ban videos that show weapons used to intimidate people.

Banning terrorist videos hey it could be a good idea.

I mean why should we be reminded ‘terrorists’ exist & are a threat to their enemies.. But really who get’s to label people ‘terrorists’?

Should we leave that up to Senator Leiberman?

A man who has strong ties to a pastor who has claimed some cool ideas like God allowed the Holocaust so Israel could be created, or who refers to the Catholic church as “The Great Whore”.

Hope YouTube doesn’t have any of that terrorists videos on their site.

And now even better they have agreed to ban videos that “Show Weapons Used to Intimate People”.

So what exactly does that mean?

Is StarWars kid banned for life?

How about videos of Big Fat People? Maybe they can use their weight to intimidate someone!

You know I was actually trained in a US special operations unit, they taught me to use my hands as weapons.. Does this mean for my next video tutorial I need to wear gloves?

Yeah YouTube you just lost about all your credibility with me.. And you can take those 2 faced google guys with you..

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